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12/9/99 Updated Favourites; added Visual Basic Page;
2/10/99 Added Superstats & 123counter service to main pages; removed Xoom counter; added favicon.ico facility to customise the IE add to favorite icon
9/1/00 Minimal Quick-Load redesign with frames; removed college-related sections.
16/1/00 mobile phone Short Message Service; Superstats access revised; SiteMiner and Text-O-Matic added
6/2/00 Removed difficult to use Superstats; added NedStat; left frame positioning
26/4/00 Ongoing redesign in portal style; removed NedStat due to browser frame incompatibilities;
6/8/00 Redesigned Start page into portal style; logo is now Flash; amended Messaging structure diagram;
30/8/00 Added ProStats & Webtrends Live stats tracking on each <rbottom> frame;
22/2/01 Updated start page links & full list of links; removed Messaging structure diagram;
8/3/01 Removed SiteMiner, Text-O-Matic & mobile phone Short Message Service as services ended; consequently redesigned index frame; removed Flash logo due to browser incompatibilities;
14/6/01 Removed frames for compatibility with web search engines; removed ICQ pager as relatively unused;
26/11/01 Added photo gallery for Manchester centre & Worsley
10/3/02 Added photo gallery for Salford Quays
19/8/02 Updated Manchester & Salford Quays photo gallery & added another for Chester
13/10/02 Added photo gallery for Avon & Somerset
30/6/03 Replaced start page data with web clipping blog
4/7/03 Microsoft FrontPage abandoned, so now using Dreamweaver MX & jAlbum for site admin
15/11/03 Added Google Site Search
17/5/04 Renamed certain pictures and html files with real words separated with dashes to ensure search engines can understand their content