Architecture, cityscape and landscape photo gallery of Manchester and England

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Photographs of new & old English architecture, landscapes and cityscapes

Welcome to Photography of English Architecture, Landscapes and Cityscapes. On this site you will find original photography. I hope you enjoy the digital photos that I've taken of new and old architecture, cityscapes and landscapes of England, especially around Manchester.

Each gallery contains a small representation of the photos I have taken. Photos are shown in various categories (galleries), using the links above. You'll find pictures of Manchester, Chester, Salford, Worsley, Somerset, Bristol, Bath & more. Rather than describe these places here, I'll let you explore the photography at your leisure.

Pictures on this website are presented in two formats, smaller thumbnail size and larger slide format. Click on any thumbnail to view the larger version of the photo. From there, you can browse by clicking the buttons at the top right of the slide. Camera information can be read by clicking on the camera icon on the right of the slides.

These galleries contain a selection of about 100 photos of England. Most photography is original and best viewed in full screen mode. (F11 in Internet Explorer or Opera). While these images are compressed and half the originalís size or less, they still retain a relatively high quality in order to highlight the detail of the architecture, cityscape or landscape

The site is updated with new photographs from time to time, not just of Manchester, Chester, Salford, Worsley, Somerset, Bristol, Bath, but also new galleries.

Thanks for visiting, and hope you enjoy the architecture, landscapes and cityscapes shown in the photographs.

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Links: you can check out these links to other collections of digital photography.  The links point to the Manchester area, but contain photos of at least the rest of the UK and can be shown as a layer in Google Earth: 
Web Clips: Thereís also a Web Clips section which you can find below which highlights Really Useful web sites Iíve found.

Technical Site info:
HTML designed using Dreamweaver & JAlbum featuring CSS, minimum of 900 horizontal and 700 vertical pixels, no frames except one iframe.
Photography processed using Photoshop, AutoEye, Panavue Image Assembler
Digital cameras used: 2 megapixel Canon Ixus V and 4 megapixel Canon Ixus 400. The photos on this site were taken with a mixture of the two cameras. Both cameras allowed panoramic photography to be taken, both horizontal and vertical. There are several examples of panoramic photos shown here.


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